The Animal Kingdom
The Animal Kingdom
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Animal Faces: 15 Punch-Out Masks


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Whooo . . . Growwwwl . . . Oinnnnk—here are fifteen animal masks that are perfect for the next play, the next party, or just for when it's nifty to look like something else. Immensely popular upon its first publication in the early 1980's, these striking masks will fascinate today's children every bit as much as they did their parents (and don't be surprised if it's the parents still wearing them!).

Made of high quality, laminated card stock, these brilliantly colored, super realistic masks are pre-perforated—easy to press out—with holes in place, ready for the included elastic cord that attaches in seconds for a perfect fit. There's even a storage envelope where the masks can be saved until it is time to once again become a fox . . . or a vampire. . . or a bear. . . or a . . . the possibilities are fifteen-fold!

Pages: 32 pp;
ages 4 and up
Format: Other
Publication: August 2007
ISBN: 9781593541965
ISBN10: 1593541961
Pierre Marie Valet is a graduate of the distinguished L'Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris and is a noted French graphic artist and illustrator whose books have been published worldwide.