Aquarellum - Zebras, Giraffes & Panthers

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Aquarellum is a collection of paintings created by Véronique Debroise using an innovative and exclusive technique, that of masking vellum paper.

This technique permits the creation of very subtle paintings : the brush does not run over the edges of the design,subjects appear as if by magic when in contact with the paints and the colors appear surprisingly vibrant.

Aquarellum Zebras, Giraffes & Panthers is the newest addition to our "large" Aquarellum line. Containing the following; 3 Ready to paint magic canvases, 9 water inks, a brush, dropper, pallet & instructions

• 3 ready-to-paint magic canvases 12.8” x 9.8”

• 9 washable and non-toxic water colors

• 1 hand made wooden paint brush

• 1 pipette

• 1 palette to mix and create a range of colors

• 1 guide to understand the wonderful colors of the rainbow

8 years and older

Duration of activity 2-4 hrs