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Peaceable Kingdom Dinosaur Scratch & Sniff Valentines


Brand: Peaceable Kingdom

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DINO-MITE CARDS: Peaceable Kingdom presents Scratch and Sniff Dinosaur Valentines! These cards feature 3 different styles, each with a grape scented scratch and sniff dinosaur.
  • DETAILS: This Valentine’s day pack comes with 28 cleverly designed cards with envelopes. They come with cool dinosaur cards that smell like grape when you scratch them along with envelopes.
  • CLASSROOM FUN: Get ready for a class Valentine’s day party with this pack! Boys and girls love exchanging chocolate, toys, and candy. Kids can share valentines by dropping them in decorated boxes.
  • V-DAY IDEA: Lighten hearts in an educational learning class with a valentine exchange! Any child can enjoy decorating a box, and teachers and students alike will love a teaching and study break.
  • SWEET TREAT: Whether you want a scented, scratch and sniff, sticker, or classic Valentine’s day card, Peaceable Kingdom has it! Children, however many years old, love a sweet treat and cute card.