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Douglas Leeloo Sitting Wolf (Retired)


Brand: Douglas

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Regal and quite exquisite Leeloo the large wolf stuffed animal will have you doing a double take! Although known for being a bit vicious, we promise that our brown and grey wolf stuffed animal is anything but. Sitting pretty at 21″ tall Leeloo will win you over with his long, luscious fur, tip dyed for extra realism and interest. Endearing face, designed by our New Hampshire, in-house Design Team ensures that Leeloo is a fan favorite for many years to come. Recommended for two years and up with spot cleaning in case of gooey snuggles.
  • Ages: 24 Months & Up
  • Washing Instructions: Surface
  • Dimensions: 21 Inches

Douglas Toys makes beautiful, soft, cuddly items with distinctive expressions and gestures that speak quality and value unlike any other plush. Douglas Toys is known for its breed-specific stuffed animals that go beyond the average teddy bear.