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The Animal Kingdom

MukikiM Tracerbot


Brand: MukikiM

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  • Command TraceBot by simply drawing a course on blank paper. 
  • TracerBot is equipped with optical sensors which can detect and navigate the trail you design. 
  • Create complex courses that TracerBot learns to follow! 
TracerBot’s interactive play helps develop critical thinking and motor manipulation skills, encourages creativity and curiosity, and fosters an interest in science and technology. Design your own trails and compete with your friends on creating the most intricate routes! Help TracerBot move through different obstacles, careful not to topple over a building there!
The package includes:
• TracerBot 1X (Batteries included)
• Ink Marker 1X
• A4 Drawing Paper 1X
• A4 Test Trail Paper 1X
• Instruction Manual 1X
Available Colors: Red, Blue, & Green. Collect all 3! 
• Draw a thick line that is at least a quarter inch (6mm) thickness, but not thicker than