The Animal Kingdom
The Animal Kingdom
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Noisy Animals: A Matching Game


Brand: Chronicle Books

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Does a duck roar? Does a dog hiss? In this box you'll find 25 animals and birds, and 25 cards showing the sounds they make. Match them up so the duck can quack and the lion can roar again!

Have fun making the sounds and learning about the calls and cries of the animal kingdom—and when you've matched all the cards, you can turn them over and use them again to play a memory game.
    Pages: 52 pp;
    Format: Games
    Publication: September 2018
    ISBN: 9781786272423
    Kenji Oikawa grew up in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, and studied graphic design at Tama Art University in Tokyo. With Mayuko Takeuchi, he forms the design partnership 100% ORANGE. They have illustrated many picture books for children and are the creators of manga series including SUNAO SUNAO. In 2007 they received the Japan Picture Book Awards Grand Prize for When Yoshio Spilled His Milk.