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Squishable Mini Alpaca 7"


Brand: Squishable

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Giving advice is easy. Taking it is a lot harder! In fact, of all the virtues, "being a good listener" doesn't get a whole lot of press. Mostly because good listeners are usually too busy listening stop the presses! Alpacas are fantastic listeners, so they know good advice when they hear it! Check the batteries on your smoke alarm every year? That's what those long necks are for! Always pack a sweater? But of course! Diversify your portfolio? I promise you will never see an Alpaca with a non-diversified portfolio, because they know a good recommendation is worth listening to!It's good advice to take good advice! Cuddle up with your Alpaca and keep your ears open!

About this design:

  • 7 squishy inches of all-ears-paca.
  • All new polyester fiber
  • Ages 3 and up only!