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Ty Mini Boos Collectibles Paw Patrol


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Ty introduced the first "licensed" Mini Boos in the Spring 2018 with these six Paw Patrol Mini Boos. As with the other series, the Paw Patrol Mini Boos are sold in "blind" boxes. Purchasers have to open their box to discover which dog was packaged inside.

  • Ty Mini Boos Collectibles are small, hand-painted figurines.
  • The boxes containing the Mini Boos are taped shut and each Mini Boo is enclosed (inside the box) in a sealed, opaque plastic bag so even when the box is open, the contents remain a mystery until the plastic bag is also opened.
  • There is a Mini Boos checklist included in every box. The checklist refers to 12 Mini Boos plus a "Rare Mystery Chaser."
  • Each figure is between 2 - 2.75 inches tall

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